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The Humanitarian Sanitation Hub is a comprehensive, co-created, structured, curated and moderated knowledge and exchange platform. It brings together all available global knowledge on sanitation and Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) in emergencies in one single platform, serving as a first go-to-point, reference guide and as a constant companion for all those involved in planning and implementing sanitation and FSM interventions.

Our Vision

The Humanitarian Sanitation Hub enables and guides humanitarian WASH practitioners, organisations and local/national clusters with simple, quick and easy access to contextualised, relevant resources, tools, exchange services and personal remote support. Through a sector-wide approach to knowledge management it helps to improve collaboration, increase resource efficiency, fill existing knowledge gaps and ultimately improve the quality of humanitarian sanitation interventions. 

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We are planning to expand our team of experts in the coming weeks, to be able to provide quick, tailored and context specific support. If you are an expert for e.g. a specific sanitation technology, an approach, or for a specific region or country and if you would like to actively support others, please let us know.


The Humanitarian Sanitation Hub is an exceptional collaborative effort of Global WASH Cluster (GWC) partners with contributions and thematic inputs from a multitude of international sector experts and organisations. It is financially supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is being implemented by a project consortium consisting of BORDA, CAWST, Eawag, IHE Delft, Netherlands Red Cross and Solidarités International under the leadership of the German Toilet Organization. We would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank all individuals and their respective organisations and institutions for their invaluable contribution to the platform. We would further like to thank the GWC and particularly the GWC Technical Working Group on FSM for their continuous support throughout the process.

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