Catherine Bourgault

WASH Advisor
Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies (CAWST)

Catherine is passionate about improving people’s lives through effective and sustainable feacal sludge management. She has worked on numerous projects in various humanitarian and development settings, where she has provided technical expertise, conducted assessments, and developed strategies for managing feacal sludge. She has extensive knowledge and experience in engaging with local communities, government officials, and other stakeholders to ensure that interventions are culturally appropriate, sustainable, and meet the needs of the target population.Catherine did her Ph.D in Water Engineering from the University Laval; her PhD thesis was on the “Characterization and Quantification of Faecal Sludge from On-site Sanitation”.  She has a strong technical understanding of the complexities of feacal sludge management, including resource recovery and reuse, and is committed to promoting environmentally sustainable solutions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sanitation Planning, Technology Selection and Decision Making
  • Design and Construction
  • Assessment, Monitoring & Lab Analysis
  • Capacity Development
  • Research and Technology Development
  • Inclusive WASH
  • Reuse-Oriented Sanitation
  • Hygiene Promotion
  • Faecal Sludge Management