A Guide to Composting Human Manur

Author: Jenkins, J.

Year: 2005

Publisher: Jenkins Publishing, PA, US.

“Human waste” is a term that has traditionally been used to refer only to human excrements, namely fecal material and urine, which are by-products of the human digestive system. When discarded, these materials are colloquially known as human waste. When recycled for agricultural purposes, however, they’re known by various names, including night soil (when applied raw to fields in Asia) and human manure or humanure. Humanure is not waste — it is a valuable organic resource material rich in soil nutrients, in contrast to human waste, which is a dangerous discarded pollutant. Humanure originated from the soil and can be quite readily returned to the soil, especially if converted to humus through the composting process. Admittedly, humanure is not as benign and easy to work with as grass clippings, but when properly recycled, it makes a wonderful soil additive.

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