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Anaerobic Digestion of Biowaste in Developing Countries - Practical Information and Case Studies

Author: Vögeli, Y., Lohri, C. R., Gallardo, A., Diener, S., Zurbrügg, C.

Year: 2014

Publisher: Eawag, Dübendorf, Switzerland.

Research on anaerobic digestion solutions for low – and middle-income countries has shown that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience with small- and medium-scale digesters built in rural areas where manure from a few cattle and some household waste is used as feedstock. However, anaerobic digestion still seems to play a negligible role as a treatment option in urban settings for organic yard, kitchen or market waste. The use of this technology has recently become popular on a medium- and large-scale in industrialised countries, often using sophisticated technology with automated and mechanised control systems. However, transferring this rather advanced technology to a low -income country without consideration of local conditions and without specific adaptations will be predisposed to failure.

This book therefore aims to compile existing and recently generated knowledge on issues of anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste at small- and medium-scale with special consideration of low – and middle-income country conditions. The book is divided into two parts; Part 1 focussing on practical information related to anaerobic digestion and biogas production, and Part 2 presenting selected case studies from around the world.

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