Biological Wastewater Treatment Series - Treatment Wetlands

Author: Dotro G., Langergraber G., Nivala J., Puigagut J., Stein O.R., Von Sperling, M.

Year: 2017

Publisher: IWA Publishing, London, UK.

Treatment wetlands are natural treatment technologies that efficiently treat many different types of polluted water. Treatment wetlands are engineered systems designed to optimise processes found in natural environments and are therefore considered environmentally friendly and sustainable options for wastewater treatment. Compared to other wastewater treatment technologies, treatment wetlands have low operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements and are robust in that performance is less susceptible to input variations. Treatment wetlands can effectively treat raw, primary, secondary or tertiary treated sewage and many types of agricultural and industrial wastewater. This volume focuses on domestic wastewater treatment using treatment wetlands.

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