PC-Based Simplified Sewer Design

Author: Mara, D. D., Sleigh, A., Tayler, K.

Year: 2001

Publisher: University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

Simplified sewerage is an important sanitation option in peri-urban areas of developing countries, especially as it is often the only technically feasible solution in these high-density areas. It is a sanitation technology widely known in Latin America, but it is much less well known in Africa and Asia. It is the purpose of this Manual to disseminate this technology more widely in the developing world, so that it can be used in peri-urban sanitation programmes and project to improve the health of poor communities. However, simplified sewerage is not just for pen-urban areas –
it can be successfully and appropriately used in middle-and upper-income areas as well.

We hope that this Manual serves its purpose of making simplified sewerage better known thoughout the developing world, and that the PC-based design program contained herein facilitates the hydraulic design calculations.

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