Planning for Zero-Waste at Schools - A Toolkit

Author: Mertenat A., Zurbrügg C.

Year: 2023

Publisher: Eawag Sandec

This toolkit aims at providing step-by-step guidance accompanied by tools to develop and implement “Action Plans” to close the loops of material and resources at any school level, considering a system approach and focusing on low-tech options that could be applied in any low- and middle-income settings. It aims at developing innovative solutions, which maximize on the synergies between waste management, water, sanitation, food production, health, environment, and energy generation in schools.

The Zero-Waste at schools toolkit targets learning, application, and practice so that students become agents of change and ambassadors for sustainable behaviour and a cleaner world under a circular economy.

Target audience:

This toolkit is for individuals or organizations, such as:

  • School community members (teachers, students, non-teaching staff, etc.) who want to improve solid waste management in their own institution;
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and civil society organization who want to support educational institutions in implementing a Zero-Waste approach

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