Sani Tweaks: Best Practice Sanitation in Emergencies, Oxfam

Author: Oxfam

Year: undated


This 1-hour online course will provide you with a greater understanding of the challenges faced by people using communal latrines in emergencies and how to address these challenges with the approach of consult – modify – consult.


  • Provide greater awareness of the challenges faced by vulnerable groups in using communal latrines.
  • Increase the accessibility and satisfaction of users of emergency communal latrines.
  • Learn how to put the Sani Tweaks approach of consult-modify-consult into practice.

The course is designed for WASH field practitioners and decision makers implementing latrine programs in emergency responses.

NOTE: This course contains videos where actors portray characters of a different gender identity for the purposes of building empathy and reflecting on an experience different than their own.

To access the free online course you need to create an account or sign in to and use the search box for “Sani Tweaks”.

The course takes around 20 minutes

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