Standard Operating Procedure for FSM in Rohingya Refugee Camp in Compliance with Sphere Standards

Please note that this document has been developed for a very specific local context. Hence it cannot be generalised and always needs further contextualisation. It may serve as inspiration and as a supporting document to inform planning and decision making as a complement to, not a substitute for, sound professional judgement.

Author: CPI, Green Hill

Publisher: Community Partners International, Green Hill

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to provide clear guidelines for the safe and effective management of faecal sludge in the Green Hill/CPI catchment Rohingya refugee camp in compliance with Sphere Standards, UNHCR handbooks and Cox’s Bazar WASH sector guidelines. The SOP aims to ensure that the disludging and management of faecal sludge is carried out in a manner that is safe for the volunteers and the environment and that meets the required standards for sanitation.

Scope: This SOP applies to all staff, volunteers, and stakeholders involved in the management of faecal sludge in the Rohingya refugee camp associated with Green Hill/CPI. The scope of this SOP covers the dislodging schedule, dislodging process, safety procedures, waste disposal, and monitoring and evaluation.

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