Technology Review of Urine Diversion Components - Overview on Urine Diversion Components Such as Waterless Urinals, Urine Diversion Toilets, Urine Storage and Reuse Systems

Author: Münch, E., Winker, M.

Year: 2011

Publisher: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

TThe publication explains the purposes of urine diversion, its benefits and challenges, urine precipitation, urine treatment and reuse in agriculture. Further, it provides an overview on design and operational aspects for equipment needed, such as waterless urinals and urine diversion toilets including supplier information and indicative costs. Overall, it pulls together scattered knowledge around the topic of urine diversion in a concise manner.

The target audience for this publication are people who are new to the topic of urine diversion or new to the topic of ecological sanitation (ecosan), and who:
– need to obtain an overview of the main issues for urine diversion and the main technical components
– want to know which are the main important documents for further reading
– have a particular interest in developing countries, with a pro-poor perspective
– need information on available suppliers worldwide and on costs for waterless urinals and urine diversion toilet pedestals and squatting pans.

This technology review is designed to help and inspire people working on sustainable solutions for excreta management.

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