The Upgradeable Blair VIP (uBVIP)-explained

Author: Morgan, P.

Year: 2011

Publisher: Aquamor, Zimbabwe

The Blair VIP (BVIP) toilet is a Zimbabwean invention and the forerunner of all VIP toilets. It has been a standardised piece of sanitary hardware recommended by the Government of Zimbabwe for 30+ years. The family unit is multipurpose and doubles as a washroom. A multi-compartment version is recommended for schools.

This presentation shows that many new and interesting developments have taken place to make the new BVIP technology easier and cheaper to build and make it more eco-friendly. The possibility of ease of construction and ease if dismantling has become possible. The relative low cost of the substructure and the ease of transferring an old superstructure to a new substructurebecomes possible. Also the recycling of pit nutrients to grow trees and make timber for fuel, construction, and even food or even for sale to make cash has become possible. Simple hand washing devices have also been designed which provide a greater health benefit when related to the toilet. Several manuals and other power points have been made on the BVIP and upgradeable BVIP.

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