WASH Climate Resilient Development - Linking Risk with Response. Options for Climate Resilient WASH


Year: 2017

Publisher: Global Water Partnership (GWP), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

The Framework acknowledges the multi-level governance structures inherent in the WASH sector,
recognises that each has a different part to play in WASH delivery and that climate resilience needs to be
addressed at all levels. The Framework is a resource for the WASH sector as a whole.

The target audience includes government planners, decision makers and practitioners at national, sub-national and local levels responsible for WASH services provision, and their associated WASH development partners. The focus is primarily on rural WASH services encompassing small-scale and community systems.

The Framework is particularly relevant to those working in areas vulnerable to climate hazards and variability. It is also useful for others who are not directly involved in the WASH sector but are linked to it, for example in the health, development, water resources and DRRsectors.

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