WASH Safety and Accessibility Toolkit

Year: 2023

Publisher: Global WASH Cluster (GWC)

This safety and accessibility rapid audit tool is based on visual observation as a means to collect basic information and assess gender-based violence (GBV) risks and accessibility related issues on the route to, while entering and using WASH facilities.  It is a structured method for collecting data and information that will support the WASH sector in 1) Assessing GBV risks related to the design, layout, placement of WASH facilities; and 2) Checking if WASH infrastructures are accessible to persons with disabilities in line with the WASH commitments to ensure at least 15% of WASH facilities are accessible.

The results of observations can then be compared against standards outlined in the following key resources to prevent and mitigate GBV risks and address barriers that hinder persons with disabilities from accessing WASH programmes and services.

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