Ideas That Work: A Gender, WASH and Emergencies Toolkit

Author: Rangaswami, S.

Year: 2010

Publisher: Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (OXFAM)

Ideas That Work demonstrates how water, sanitation and personal hygiene (WASH) needs of women survivors of disaster can be addressed to minimise risk to violence that they may otherwise face. It provides a compilation of practical experiences that have attempted to reduce risk to violence against women (VAW) in the provision of WASH facilities in the early response phase of an emergency. Ideas That Work has been developed for use both by WASH engineers as well as emergency personnel dealing with social processes for a more holistic approach to WASH programmes and addresses twin components: delivery of efficient engineering solutions and effective processes for social renegotiation. The result is WASH infrastructure that addresses women’s needs in a manner that is dignified and promotes prevention of violence.

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