Sanitation Solutions for the Humanitarian Context

The Humanitarian Sanitation Hub is a joint sector effort of Global WASH Cluster (GWC) members bringing together all available knowledge on planning and implementing sanitation and faecal sludge management in emergencies on one single platform. It enables and guides humanitarian WASH practitioners with easy access to contextualised and relevant guidance, resources, tools and further support services and aims to continuously fill existing knowledge gaps for improved humanitarian sanitation services.
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Topical Entry Points

Structured way of providing curated information on key sanitation and FSM topics through different thematic lenses – so called “Topic Entry Points” – with links to relevant key resources and tools.

Sanitation Project Cycle
Key sanitation related information along the entire project cycle covering all relevant topics from assessment and planning via resource planning to implementation, monitoring, evaluation and preparedness.


The process of anticipating and planning for the sanitation needs of populations at risk of…


Needs Assessment & Analysis

The process of identifying the immediate and longer-term sanitation needs of populations affected by emergencies…


Resource Mobilisation

The process of identifying, accessing, and leveraging resources that are needed to carry out sanitation-related…


Review & Evaluation

The process of systematically analysing, critically reviewing and learning from current or previous humanitarian sanitation…

Option to directly search and find available region or country specific information, resources and tools such as case studies, standards or local designs.
Capacity Development
Overview of available emergency sanitation capacity development offers incl. trainings, online courses, webinars, training materials, degree-level studies and more.

Sanihub Experts

Jafar Ikbal

Technical Specialist

Jafar Ikbal is a civil engineer with 10 years professional experience including 5 years in…

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Marij Zwart

Senior WASH Advisor
Netherlands Red Cross

Marij Zwart is trained as a civil engineer, and specialized in sanitation and waste water…

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Rob Gensch

Senior Project Coordinator | WASH Capacity Development
German Toilet Organization

Rob has worked in the humanitarian and development WASH sector for more than 15 years…

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Dorothee Spuhler

Senior Research and Project Coordinator
Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Sciences and Technology (EAWAG)

Dorothee Spuhler is an environmental engineer that has worked for 12 years in the water…

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Shirish Singh

Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Sanitation
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Dr. Shirish Singh is a qualified and experienced water and sanitation researcher/professional with more than…

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Claire Papin-Stammose

WASH Advisor

Claire has been working in the development and humanitarian WASH sector for more than ten…

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Thorsten Reckerzügl

Senior Project Coordinator | WASH Capacity Development
German Toilet Organization

Thorsten Reckerzügl is an environmental engineer and holds an MBA in sustainability management. He has…

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Catherine Bourgault

WASH Advisor
Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies (CAWST)

Catherine is passionate about improving people’s lives through effective and sustainable feacal sludge management. She…

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Jutta Camargo

Sanitation and FSM Advisor
Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA)

Jutta is a water and sanitation engineer with more than 28 years of experiences in…

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